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When sending hundreds or thousands of emails to your customers, using a secure email provider is crucial to earning (and maintaining) your customer’s trust. After all, if your server is hacked and your customers’ email addresses are exposed, your customers could be subjected to irritating spam email, or worse, their personal data could be compromised.

Easy-SMTP combats this risk with our secure SMTP solution. We use SSL and TLS to connect senders with Easy-SMTP, ensuring a secure mail server that's automatically updated for all of our clients.

Our SMTP servers are secured using SSL and TLS to protect your customer’s data.

SSL and TLS Protocols for Secure Server Mail

Occasionally, mail servers that you install on your own aren't secure. Easy-SMTP increases the security of your servers by using SSL and TLS protocols. SSL and TLS authenticate servers and clients while also keeping your information private.

SSL and TLS allow us to encrypt your emails so that the intended recipient is the only one who can view the email. When sending information, your connection is often passed from computer to computer en route to its destination, and you risk exposing your emails and content to unwanted readers. By encrypting your emails, you protect your email data automatically.

In addition to encrypting your information, using SSL or TLS protocols doubles as an authentication method. We're able to ensure that the emails you're sending go to the right server, rather than a criminal server that may be trying to steal your information.

Easy-SMTPs cloud-based servers feature automatic security updates.

Automatic Security Updates

One of the most helpful benefits of Easy-SMTP’s secure email solutions is that your security updates will happen automatically via our cloud-based servers. Our clients never have to worry about missing a new security update and putting their older, unsecured protocol at risk of being hacked. You’ll automatically have the latest security connections without having to lift a finger or click a button.

Without a secure email provider, you risk exposing your email data to dangerous criminal hackers, including your contact list and your content. Easy-SMTP’s usage of SSL and TLS protocols ensures that your information is kept private and your emails are authenticated. At the same time, our customers get the peace of mind of knowing that their security protocols are automatically updated.

For more information about Easy-SMTP and how our secure SMTP services can improve your transactional emails, contact us today.

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