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What is an SMTP Relay Service

What is an SMTP Relay Service?

An SMTP Relay Service is a process that allows you to send large volumes of email that your Internet Service Provider would not allow. Typical situations are order confirmations, account signups or email marketing campaigns. An SMTP relay service is a cloud-based server that delivers your email to another server. If you tried to send bulk email through your own server, you would tie up your bandwidth and could be labeled as spam. An SMTP relay service such as Easy-SMTP avoids these problems. Best of all Easy-SMTP is free for up to 10,000 emails per month.

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How is Easy-SMTP better than an Open SMTP Relay Server?

Open relay servers allow anyone on the internet to send email through their server. Easy-SMTP ensures your security by using the TSL/SSL authentication method. Furthermore Easy-SMTP comes already pre-configured to be white-labeled to send high volumes of email to Internet Service Providers like gmail, yahoo or aol.

Why is Easy-SMTP the best Relay Service

Why is Easy-SMTP the best Relay Service?

Instead of using your servers, connect to Easy-SMTP's Relay Server. You'll get a robust, scalable architecture, outstanding deliverability and detailed reporting of who opened and clicked your email. No hardware or software to buy - completely cloud based. Easy to integrate too - connect in minutes with a mail transfer agent or programming language of your choice. We support Sendmail, Exim, Postfix, Qmail as well as C#, Perl, PHP and Python languages. Your emails are fully secured using TSL/SSL. Questions on how to connect? Check out our Getting Started page.

Give it a try. Get up to 10,000 emails free, with unlimited contacts, real-time tracking and full reports of analytics. All with access to our unlimited support, 24/7.

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