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Easy-SMTP makes it easy to send transactional mail
via API or SMTP.

With Mandrill announcing that you have to have a paid Mailchimp account, we thought
it'd be a good time to make a special to welcome Mandrill customers looking for a free alternative.

Proven Deliverability - Easy-SMTP is built on IP's with great reputations, the latest delivery configuration and over 15 years of experience we have in inboxing. More
Robust, cloud-based scalable infrastructure - get redundant data center architecture. Easily send up to millions of emails. More
Create on-the-fly reporting of opens, clicks, spam complaints, message failures including bounce type and spam complaints. More
Get free email or phone support to transition from Mandrill including live monitoring 24x7. More

Easy integration - see our documentation on
how to connect via API or SMTP.


Easy-SMTP is designed to take the frustration out of sending one-at-a-time email.   What you get.

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