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About our SMTP Relay Service

Easy-SMTP is a free, cloud-based SMTP Server that delivers one-at-a-time emails. Connect via SMTP and send securely via SSL/TLS or STARTTLS.
Use EasySMTP to send emails on demand. EasySMTP is ideal for sending notifications to customers, people in your organization, or any time you need to send a few - or many - emails. Integration is a snap; EasySMTP offers SMTP and API integration and is compatible with almost all MTAs, MUAs, and programming languages.
Send authenticated, secure email through the cloud instead of your server. Enjoy Enterprise level deliverabiltiy, detailed analytics including opens, clicks as well as premium support at no extra charge. Send up to 10,000 emails per month free.
Our sister product ReachMail, is great for sending newsletter to thousands at a time. But we kept getting requests for sending one-at-a-time transactional email. "Why not a smtp server?" "Do you have a SMTP relay service?". So we decided to build a product to do exactly that - a truly free smtp server with built in security, deliverability and detailed reporting. Easy-SMTP! Enjoy!
Your user is a combination of the Easy-SMTP account key and username that we provide in the welcome email separated by a backslash e.g. AccountKey\Username. If you do not remember your username or forgot your password you can recover it by going to: ui.reachmail.net. The account key is commonly an abbreviated form of the company name you supplied when you signed up, but you can always request this information by emailing us at support@easy-smtp.com or by calling 888-947-3224.
Connection encryption using TLSv1+ is required. SSLv2 and SSLv3 are not supported. SMTPS end-to-end encryption is provided on port 465 and SMTP encryption is enabled using the STARTTLS command on ports 25 and 587. If your application or appliance does not allow a secure connection you can use IP authentication. However, IP authentication is not available to free accounts.
We provide IP authentication to any paid plan in our Easy-SMTP platform. To enable IP authentication you can log into your dashboard by going to: ui.reachmail.net. From there you would want to go to your Account tab and choose the Easy-SMTP option. This will allow you to enter the public IP address of the application or appliance that is connecting to our server. When using IP authentication please remember to only use the host name and use either port 25 or 587 to connect.
The free plan has a limit of 350 emails a day. Any of our paid plans do not have a daily limit restriction.
Our Easy-SMTP service is not meant to be used as a marketing relay. We do offer a great marketing service of our own at ReachMail.com. This is a full fledged marketing program and provides you with more features than we can offer with our Easy-SMTP relay.
The reports and statistics we gather can be viewed by logging into your Easy-SMTP account by going to: ui.reachmail.net. Once you're logged in, simply go to your Reports tab and use the reports specifically for the Easy-SMTP platform. This will allow you to see additional details on your messages you've sent and will give you a better picture of how your messages are being received.
You can upgrade or downgrade your account at any time by going to: ui.reachmail.net. Once you're logged in you will want to go to your Account tab and choose the plan you want to upgrade or downgrade to. Please keep in mind that billing occurs at the beginning of each month. If you want to avoid being charged for the upcoming month downgrade before the beginning of the next month to avoid an invoice at your current rate.
No, we can turn on the unsubscribe feature for you by request but accounts do not have this displayed by default. If you're using it for marketing purposes we would recommend using our ReachMail platform which is meant for these types of emails.

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