10,000 Free Transactional Emails

With Easy-SMTP, you can start sending transactional emails in as little as five minutes, and send your first 10,000 transactional emails for free. Whether you're connecting to our service on your app or over your Easy-SMTP server, you can easily test our services without a credit card or any other payment information.

Affordable Transactional Email Service

Affordable Transactional Email Service

At Easy-SMTP, we try to remove all the barriers and obstacles that our clients typically face when sending transactional emails. One of the most common barriers to transactional email campaigns is cost. With 10,000 free emails per month, our pricing structure offers the most free sends in the industry, allowing our customers to maximize their email marketing budget.

In addition, our paid accounts are the lowest in the industry. With paid accounts that start at as low as $10/month for 30,000 emails, you can easily find a plan that works for your budget and email sending requirements.

10,000 free emails

Premium Features for All Pricing Plans

Premium Features for All Pricing Plans

Whether you opt for our Free, Bronze, or Diamond Plan, all Easy-SMTP customers have access to these premium features:

  • No contracts or sign-up fees
  • Free support
  • Unlimited contacts
  • Email tracking analytics reports
  • Dynamic IP reputation monitoring
  • IP reputation engine
  • Real-time tracking

All paid accounts include IP authentication at no extra charge.

Our full suite of features ensures that our clients are able to send fully optimized transactional emails, regardless of price point or budget.

We don't believe that cost should prohibit you from sending the transactional emails your business needs. By offering our customers 10,000 free emails and the most affordable transactional email services in the industry, we take the frustration out of sending transactional emails- all while continuing to offer all of our customers premium features and support, regardless of which account plan they have.

For more information on Easy-SMTP and how you can get started in five minutes with 10,000 free transactional emails, contact us today.

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