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You need your transactional emails to reach your contacts’ inboxes. To accomplish that, you have to optimize your email delivery, a task that’s fit for a full-time IT professional. Instead of devoting your valuable time and resources to configuring your email server, let Easy-SMTP handle your ISP relations. We are whitelisted with all of the major ISPs, and our transactional email service includes the latest email deliverability and authentication tools.

Email deliverability made easy.

Optimized Email Deliverability

Our Enterprise level email deliverability ensures that your email server is always updated to reflect the latest ISP requirements. Sit back and relax while Easy-SMTP takes care of your ISP configurations to optimize your email deliverability.

Each ISP has different configuration requirements that can change daily, and failure to connect to them properly could result in your email getting jumped. Instead of employing a full-time IT worker to constantly monitor your ISP relations, Easy-SMTP builds that service into our transactional email delivery service- allowing you to focus on other aspects of your email marketing while we handle the technical optimization of your emails.

Helping you send trusted emails with these whitelisting technologies.

Whitelisting Technologies

Easy-SMTP utilizes several whitelisting technologies that allow email marketers to prove they're legitimate emailers. The whitelisting technologies we employ include:

  • DKIM
  • SPF
  • Domain Keys
  • Feedback loops
  • And more

With this email authentication, you're able to prove that real people are sending your emails. DKIM, for example, validates a domain name identity and allows an organization to take responsibility for an email message in transit. SPF is another email authentication system that allows receiving mail exchanges to verify that incoming mail comes from an authorized sending host. Feedback loops are also crucial to email deliverability because they ensure that once someone marks an email as spam, the system automatically knows not to send email to that person again.

We have a great reputation monitoring process.

A Good Reputation

By monitoring various ISP requirements and ensuring your email deliverability, Easy-SMTP makes it easy for you to uphold your reputation as a legitimate email marketer.

We are whitelisted with all major ISPs, reflecting our commitment to responsible email marketing practices for us and our clients alike.

By handling your ISP configurations automatically, Easy-SMTP removes two of the biggest obstacles to sending transactional emails: time and technical knowledge.

For more information about our Enterprise level deliverability and how we help you practice responsible email marketing, contact us today.

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