Detailed Analytics to Track Your Email Marketing Campaigns

Up-to-date email analytics help guide your decision-making for your email campaigns. Easy-SMTP places that data directly in your hands at no extra cost so that you can improve your email marketing campaigns with each click of the "send" button.

Free Analytics for Your Email Campaign

We offer the following email marketing analytics at no extra cost to our customers:

Open rate

Click through rate

Bounce rate

Spam complaints


Free email marketing analytics to help inform your campaigns.

Why You Need Email Marketing Tracking

With Easy-SMTP’s email analytics, our customers can understand exactly how their clients respond and interact with their emails. Many transactional email services don’t give their customers the ability to view data such as clicks and open rates; however, at Easy-SMTP, we recognize the impact that this data has on your email marketing campaigns, so we give you complete access to your data at no extra cost.

Our built-in email marketing analytics allow you to view data segmented by campaign to accurately judge the campaign’s effectiveness. You’re able to see which emails for a particular offer are getting a high engagement rate. Thanks to our secure email connections, you can further improve your engagement rates while also safeguarding your deliverability.

On the other hand, you’re also able to quickly see if one of your messages is causing problems or is unwanted by recipients. Simply view your spam reports and opt-outs, and then adjust your campaign accordingly before any damage is done.

Your email marketing campaign shouldn’t be static. Instead, you should be constantly adjusting your email campaigns to see what tactics resonate with your recipients and lead you closer to your goals for your email marketing campaigns. With our transparent sharing of your email analytics, you can quickly see what tactics are working and which need fine-tuning.

Even better? We offer this built-in email reporting for free, so that you can track data from every email and every campaign right from within your own server.

For more information on Easy-SMTP and how you can get started with our email marketing analytics for free, contact us today.

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