Cloud-Based Email Server

With cloud-based email service, our clients enjoy the freedom of accessing Easy-SMTP from any location without having to buy any hardware or software. Even better? Our cloud-based email is completely scalable so that whether you want to send one thousand or one million emails, you can do so without needing to buy any additional servers or licenses.

Access Easy-SMTP from anywhere with our cloud based email service.

The Benefits of a Cloud Based Email Server

Cloud-based email software has several benefits that allow you to streamline your email sending process, such as:

No software to install

No updates to run

Accessibility from any location

No technical expertise required to install

Automatic security updates

A cloud-based technology allows you to send emails freely without the added burden of maintaining your own email infrastructure. Instead of constantly updating your software or worrying about missing the latest security update, we're able to take care of that for you through the cloud. Also, our cloud-based automatic security updates increase the security of your email connections. You'll no longer have to be concerned about missing a security update, which could lead to your email data being hacked. Instead, you have the peace of mind that comes with knowing your cloud-based email has the latest, most secure connections.

In a nutshell, with a cloud-based mail server, you’re able to leave the technical expertise to us while you focus on what’s really important: your transactional emails.

A cloud-based email server allows you to send emails without worrying about infrastructure.

Easily Scale Your Email Sending

With a cloud-based email service, our clients can easily scale their email sending to fit their unique needs. Oftentimes, a business may see major changes in the volume of their email sending, and this type of growth would require the business to buy additional servers and licenses, or potentially increase their own bandwidth.

Easy-SMTP's scalable cloud-based email means that no matter how many or how few emails you're sending, you don't have to do anything differently. We take care of scaling your email sending automatically, and the process of sending a transactional email will be exactly the same on your end.

With Easy-SMTP’s cloud-based email software, you’re able to send authenticated, secure email through the cloud instead of through your server, streamlining your transactional email process by removing the burden of software and security updates and placing that responsibility in our expert hands. Regardless of how many emails you’re sending, your process of sending a transactional email will be exactly the same, while we work on the back end to make sure your emails are delivered securely. For more information on Easy-SMTP and how you can get started with our cloud-based email service for free, contact us today.

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