List Management and Backup

Automatic List Backup

Automatic List Backup

No one wants to have to use their backup plan, but Easy-SMTP makes your "just in case" plan simple, secure, and ready when you need it.

With Easy-SMTP's unique automatic list backup, you have a record of every single transactional email you send, from new account signups to shipping confirmations. Every click of the "send" button ensures that you have a backup of the data in addition to what you keep in your own system. That way, if you need a record of your sent emails for your own marketing needs, or if you need to replace your own data should it go missing, you're covered with a secure backup.

We offer our free automatic list backup to clients on all of our plans, whether they have a free account or a paid account.

Automatic List Backup

Transactional Email List Management

Each transactional email you send has a different purpose. Your company may need to send shipping confirmations, password resets, and more. For every type of transaction you have, you can set up a separate email list, which you can then use to target your customers as necessary.

Even more importantly, Easy-SMTP's free email list management gives you the peace of mind to know that your data is safely stored. Your data is backed up for future analysis or in the case that you lose any data on your own system. While some of our competitors don't include this functionality in their transactional email software, we include it in all of our plans– free and paid alike.

With our email list management and automatic list backup, our clients can rest assured knowing that their transactional email lists are stored securely in our system while also enjoying the benefits of segmented email lists for transactional emails. For more information about our automatic list backup and how it benefits your transactional emails, contact Easy-SMTP today.

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