Troubleshooting Guide for API


  1. Status Codes
  2. Failed Addresses

Status Codes

Bad Request

A 400 Bad Request error means that the request you sent was malformed or fail validation. See the status description for further information.


A 401 unauthorized error will occur when your authentication failed or you did not provide credentials. Please double check to make sure your credentials are typed in currently or being populated without any issues.


A 403 forbidden error means that you do not have permission to preform the requested action.

Not Found

A 404 not found error means that an item you're referring to could not be found. Double check to ensure the item exists or is being referenced properly.

Service Unavailable

A 503 service unavailable error can occur when the service is too busy to handle the request. We recommend trying your request later.

Internal Error

A 500 internal error is a general error that something has gone wrong. Contact support with the error id in the http status description for further information.

Failed Addresses

Address Blocked

A Reason of AddressBlocked means that the address(es) are blocked by a global opt-out list, pattern opt-out list, or account opt-out list.

Address Invalid

A Reason of AddressInvalid means that the address(es) are known invalid addresses or hard bounces in our system.

Address Syntax Invalid

A Reason of AddressSyntaxInvalid means that the address(es) are poorly formatted, e.g. '@whatever.'.