API Integrations

Connect quickly and easily to Easy-SMTP so that you can immediately start sending transactional emails.

integrate Easy SMTP with your email platform.

API Integration

Easy-SMTP has wrappers that are set up and ready for you to put on your own server, making API integration with your system a very simple process. We have a wide variety of languages, code examples, and wrappers so that it’s easy for us to configure or fine-tune your integration according to your specific needs. Easy-SMTP has been tested with:

These platforms are proven to work with Easy-SMTP, meaning that most of the technical tasks typically undertaken by a developer have already been done for you. In this way, Easy-SMTP makes it simple for you to connect your system to Easy-SMTP.

Connecting to Easy-SMTP through API integration or an SMTP mail server.

Connecting to Easy-SMTP

There are two different ways for our clients to connect to Easy-SMTP.

The first way our clients can connect is through API integration, which is most commonly used for connecting applications to Easy-SMTP. Our second option allows our clients to connect through an SMTP mail server, which is what Easy-SMTP was originally set up for.

Typically, if you have your own server, your server sends your emails for you. However, with Easy-SMTP, you can connect and allow us to do the actual sending. Then, we can show you your reporting and analytics so that your server doesn't have to do the work.

With these two options for connecting to Easy-SMTP, we make it easy for you to start sending transactional emails right away, with minimal help from a developer or other technical expert. Regardless of what mail user agent, mail transfer agent, or programming language you use, Easy-SMTP simplifies the integration process so that you can immediately start sending transactional emails.

For more information about our easy integration and how you can get started with Easy-SMTP in minutes, contact us today.

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