SMTP Relay Service

Easy-SMTP cloud based email What is Easy-SMTP? Easy-SMTP is a free, cloud-based SMTP Server that delivers one-at-a-time emails. Connect via SMTP and send securely via SSL/TLS or STARTTLS.
Easy-SMTP cloud based email What are common applications? Send email in minutes from applications such as C#, Perl, PHP or Python through Easy-SMTP instead of your corporate server. Send email from your Mail Transfer Agent such as Sendmail, Postfix or Exim. Easy-SMTP cloud based email What do you get? Send authenticated, secure email through the cloud instead of your server. Enjoy Enterprise level deliverabiltiy, detailed analytics including opens, clicks as well as premium support at no extra charge. Send up to 10,000 emails per month free. Easy-SMTP cloud based email Why did we create Easy-SMTP? Our sister product ReachMail, is great for sending newsletter to thousands at a time. But we kept getting requests for sending one-at-a-time transactional email. “Why not a smtp server?” “Do you have a SMTP relay service?”. So we decided to build a product to do exactly that - a truly free smtp server with built in security, deliverability and detailed reporting. Easy-SMTP! Enjoy!