SMTP Relay Service

Easy-SMTP is a FREE, cloud-based SMTP Server
that delivers one-at-a-time emails. Connect via SMTP and send securely via SSL/TLS or STARTTLS.

Get a robust, scalable architecture, outstanding deliverability and the most detailed reporting of any solution. Getting started takes minutes.

Getting started takes minutes

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What do you get?

Cloud Based

No hardware or software to buy. Updates are done automatically. Completely scalable – send 1 – 100 Million emails per month!


You get Enterprise level deliverability out of the box. Easy-SMTP is white listed with all of the major ISPs, builds in the latest deliverability/authentication tools including DKIM, SPF, domain keys, feedback loops. Easy-SMTP handles ISP relations for you and monitors reputations 24×7.

Safe, Secure Email Connections

Send securely with the latest protocols SSLv3 and TSLv1.

Save Time and Resources

Let Easy-SMTP handle all of the Whitelisting ISP relations, blacklist monitoring and redundancy.

10,000 FREE Emails

Send transactional email in 5 minutes

Detailed, Real Time Analytics

Easy-SMTP provides the most analytics of any SMTP solution. Track each campaign separately, drill down and find out what emails opened, clicked or bounced back. Spam complaints and opt-outs are also available in real time.

Automatic List Backup

Store a backup list of any transactional email with Easy-SMTP. Setup multiple lists depending upon the transaction. For example you can have separate lists for new accounts and shipping confirmations.

Premium Support

No Extra Charge – Get live phone or email support from 8AM-6PM (Central Time) with live monitoring 24×7.

Easy Integration

Connect to Easy-SMTP in minutes with the mail user agent, mail transfer agent or programming language of your choice. Easy-SMTP has been tested with Postfix, Exim, Sendmail, Exchange, Thunderbird, Outlook, PHP, Perl and Python.

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